Mother and Baby

The postnatal body is a vulnerable place, and yoga therapy can be deeply nourishing and healing from after birth, throughout the years of early parenting. The newborn baby can be nurtured, held and supported through appropriate yoga practices, that can adapt and change as that baby grows into a toddler, For the precious early years from birth to four, both mother and baby can be truly nourished by playful, healing and rhythmic yoga practices. This unusual course teaches you the techniques, skills and subtle understanding of group dynamics that make it possible to share yoga for mothers and babies, and mothers and toddlers together. Established in 2003, this is a powerful experiential training packed with practical exercises and excellent learning resources. It is suitable for yoga teachers, yoga therapists, and those working with mothers and babies who wish to integrate helpful yoga practices into group sessions, mothers with children from birth to four are warmly welcome.