Victoria Fandl

Victoria @victruyoga


Victoria accompanies women on their journey to sustain or re-establish balance in their bodies and find inner stability – in order to stay self-determined and equanimous in their daily lives and especially during challenging and uncertain times.

Her holistic approach supports you to re-connect with your body and your intuition. With her gentle and tender approach she meets you where you are, welcomes the whole of you and encourages you to take the reins for your own wellbeing into your hands. Teachings of the sacred cycles and rhythms of a woman's life are in the center of her yoga understanding. She works with holistic methods and combines yoga as therapy, women’s self care informed yoga, womb yoga, conscious connected breath work and traditional Hatha Yoga practices. She has accomplished trainings and qualifications of more than 1.000 hours in Ecuador, Thailand, India, Bali and Austria. She's studied with Western and Eastern teachers, in ashrams and yoga schools, with women and men and with people of all different cultural backgrounds. In order to find a deep and profound approach and to adapt these ancient wisdoms to the female body and the western lifestyle and culture we live in. Every single practice she passes on has been examined and practised by herself.


Valeriestrasse 13
2500 Baden


Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) Teacher Training