Liisbeth Oruste

Liisbeth Oruste


Soon after completing the Well Woman course in London in March 2020, Liisbeth moved back to her homeland of Estonia (she likes to say Estland). After years of living abroad in Western Europe, the awakening spring-time Mother Nature soothed and rooted. It was the place to be.

Being inspired by the abundance experienced in women's circles abroad and just by living in a multicultural society, Liisbeth is now gathering women of all kinds in Tallinn, Estonia. She holds regular women's circles in English. Women gather for a journey over several months to dive deeper through commitment, personal experience and by sharing in a safe circle of sisters. She's also gathering girls for similar journeys, so young women could understand their bodies and establish loving relationships with themselves and others.

Liisbeth is dedicated to share cyclical wisdom with both men and women. She guides listeners to hear the subtle messages from their bodies in her weekly yoga classes; some are also available online. She coaches individuals, couples, and is holding experiential workshops for expanding from the inside out to live in harmony with the Self and with all that is.

She is incredibly fascinated by the body for all that it is. The underlying potential and the Presence within the body gently opens up it's wisdom. Her guidance elevates the senses to really listen and integrate the wisdom from within.

More information can be found from her website and social media accounts.


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Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) Teacher Training
Yoga for Menstrual Health and Fertility CPD