Hanka Cawley

Dr Hanka Cawley


I first came across Womb yoga thanks to Sivani Mata Francis - I really enjoyed attending her women circles in London. Several years later I completed a training in Womb yoga with Uma and Sivani, around the same time as finishing PhD in psychology/mindfulness meditation. Since then I have started running women circles in a beautiful area of Beskydy mountains in the east of the Czech republic. So far I have created three short courses for women: Connection with Earth, Changes in women's lives and Less known female principles. For these gatherings, I combine my experience and knowledge of psychology, meditations and Womb yoga. I am passionate about helping women to start searching for their authentic selves and let go off all that does not belong to who they trully are.




Well Woman Yoga Therapy (Womb Yoga) Teacher Training
Creativity, Sexuality and the Cycles of our Lives CPD