Yoni Shakti Book Resources

Thank you for visiting the YONI SHAKTI resources page. I have here made available a range of written, visual and audio material to support understanding and practical encounter with the yogic and tantric practices shared in my book Yoni Shakti. In particular I am keen to empower readers who resonate with the messages at the heart of the book to spread those messages through, for example, sharing the Introduction and the Womb Yoga Manifesto with those friends, studio-owners and yoga teachers in their lives who may need to receive these messages. The practice guides are extracts from the book describing some key techniques of Womb Yoga. The complete set of ten Yoga Nidra practices to support the stages of our lives as women are also available to download from this page.

I hope that this material is of value to you on your yoga journey. In order for the materials to be widely accessible, I have, (with the exception of the book herself), chosen not to charge for any item. Instead, I have simply offered them for free download. If you value the materials, then I invite for your to contribute whatever feels appropriate through the contribute page. These contributions reflect the value you place on the material, so please pay whatever you feel you want to. Monies received through this site are used to support the maintenance and updating of the site, and to pay for the additional design work and sound engineering involved in rendering the material beauteous, pleasing and useful.

Consider this a matter of trust and honour: 
I trust that if you value this work you will honour it with an appropriate donation.