Yoga Nidra 8: Self-anointing ritual (embracing power, menopause and the confidence to speak one's own truth - Bhairavi)

This forty minute yoga nidra was created to dignify and honour the experiences of menopause as a powerful spiritual initiation. The central experience of the self-anointing is rooted in a ritual meditation that was part of the spirituality module of Alexandra Pope's Women's Leadership Apprenticeship 2012. The experience remained vividly with me and returned as the perfect nidra practice when I was writing the menopause chapter of Yoni Shakti. This is a recording of the practice described on page 451-2 of Yoni Shakti, and it has been valued not only by the menopausal and perimenopausal women with whom I have shared it but also by younger women seeking to affirm self-confidence and trust in their own power.