Yoga Nidra 5: Nourishing Growth (nurturing the capacity to support new life - Bhuvaneshwari)

This forty-three minute yoga nidra practice creates a spacious welcome for new life. It was intended initially and specifically to support women through the experience of pregnancy, using the mother's breath to nourish the child, and carrying awareness around the body of the child within the womb. It may also be a helpful practice to use when seeking to conceive, if you are happy to invite the unborn (and as yet perhaps unconceived child) to inhabit your womb. Some women also enjoy to use this practice to support a re-integration of their own inner child, and imagine that it is their own self residing in the comfort of the womb.

This is a recording of the practice described on 446-8 of Yoni Shakti. I hope it nourishes you.