Yoga Nidra 3: Cyclical Wisdom (Menstruation, cycles and seasonal turnings - Tara)

This twenty-six minute yoga nidra invites you to connect with the deep feminine knowing of cyclical wisdom in the form of the seasonal life of the womb's cycles. It is inspired by my personal connection with the 'Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle' teachings of Alexandra Pope.

This nidra first arrived as I began to practice menstrual cycle awareness as a conscious spiritual discipline. I have shared this nidra with many groups of yoginis on my womb yoga trainings and retreats all over Europe and it sits very naturally with those women who are open to the experience of menstrual consciousness as a spiritual practice. For women who are not experiencing menstrual cycles at the present time, or who have passed over the menopause, then these seasonal images resonate more widely in terms of the turning of seasons in our life cycles. I hope you enjoy listening to this version of the practice which was specially recorded for you in my own yoga studio in Stroud. The practice is described on page 443-4 of Yoni Shakti) and it connects to the protective and guiding energies of Tara.