Yoga Nidra 10: In the Yoginis' Temple

This twenty-two minute practice offers an experience of welcome and of deeply restful healing in the temple of the yoginis. The practice arrived to me during my research for the early history chapters of Yoni Shakti, when I developed a powerful dream connection with these temples.

The practice was shared in a variety of different forms in Bristol and Brussels during 2011-12 with groups of yoginis who had very positive experiences during this yoga nidra, and so I am very happy indeed to be able to share it with you. I have many wonderful stories to share about it! I hope it nourishes you at every dimension of being. This intimate version was specially recorded in my studio in Stroud, in the presence of the Ten Mahavidya Yantras. The practice is described on pages 454-9 of Yoni Shakti.