Yoga Nidra 1: Starry night pure yoga nidra (a fundamental practice of awareness - Kali)

This twenty-six minute yoga nidra practice is an invitation to settle into spacious awareness. It is an open, feminine and welcoming practice. The rotation of consciousness uses the image of a constellation of stars. The practice in this form was first shared at the Return to Centre Women's Retreat at Cae Mabon, in Snowdonia in 2013: This version was specially recorded for Yoni Shakti readers in my own studio in Stroud, and has been sound engineered to render it clear and very easy to hear. The original practice arrived during intensive yoga nidra practice in preparation for the Total Yoga Nidra Teacher Training programme. For more details see I hope you enjoy the practice. The practice is described in prose on pages 435-441 oof Yoni Shakti and it connects to the energies of Kali as a guardian protectress of time and change.