Is this course similar to the course I have already done?

The Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Online Immersion vs the in person Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Dear Sisters

Thank you for your interest in this online Yoni Shakti Well Woman Yoga Therapy Immersion.

YES, if you have already attended the in person Well Woman Yoga Therapy Teacher Training (previously known as the Womb Yoga Teacher Training), you will find there are many overlaps with what we already covered together. This immersion course focusses on the Inner Seasons of the Menstrual Cycle, which is usually explored on the first day of the in person training. In this immersion course there is an opportunity to dive deeper with this theme, and there are also many additional materials and different perspectives shared. 

The differences between this ONLINE Immersion and the Well Woman Yoga therapy Course that you attended are: 


A set of four specially prepared and beautifully filmed mudra and moveement and meditation practices to honour each season of the cycle. They are very particular and specific segments of the central heart-womb mudra, offered in very particular methods to attune to and amplify our connection with the seasons of the cycle - it offers a new ay to explore this vital mudra, and is helpful in deepening our own connection to it as well as making it clear and simple to share with others. 


A brand new set of six specially created Total Yoga Nidra practices.  (three created by me and three created by Sivani Mata Francis) - one for each of the seasons, one for welcome and one for thanksgiving and farewell. 


Specially commissioned art work from Sivani Mata Francis illustrating seasonal awareness, seasonal charting and other topics.


A set of four friendly and intimate video conversations between myself and Sivani Mata sharing the practical applications of menstrual seasons and life-cycle experiences in life through inner- seasonal awareness practices

5. Exclusive KIRTAN with Sivani Mata!

A LIVE kirtan reccording of praise to MAA - not previously released elsewhere. 


Four new menstrual song poems that I wrote specially for those course - one for each season, with commentary

We asked a group of women who have already done the Live IN-Person Well Woman Yoga Therapy training course that you did to TEST the online video immersion and they told us that they found it a very helpful and enriching experience that they valued as a supplementary experience to the course they had already done. 

Most of them told us that they wished that had had access to this online  course before and after the live course they attended because it helped them to understand and embody the practices taught on the live course better. 

Feedback from Diane:
"I am most grateful for this wonderful course. I love the way it is presented. So easy to follow through and there is so much love shining through from the both of you. Having done the well women course twice, the content of the online course is almost like a souvenir, which shall accompany me month to month throughout my cycle. I highly recommend it, not only as a prerequisite but also to accompany all my notes and written material from having done the course."

So these are the differences between the Live IN-Person Well Woman Yoga Therapy training course and the NEW ONLINE online immersion. 

Going forward we will be requiring all women who want to take the Live IN-Person Well Woman Yoga Therapy training course to take this ONLINE immersion course FIRST.

Uma Dinsmore-Tuli