Gentle Self-Hypnosis for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth

These sessions, with Nirlipta Tuli, offered in a variety of ways, are deeply relaxing and nourishing for pregnant women. 

Group sessions for late pregnancy
Tuesday and Thursday 19:00 to 19:45 UK time

Women in their third trimester, weeks 32-34 onwards may find these sessions particularly helpful.

Each session begins with a check in for each pregnant mum to see how they are. Women often have similar things occurring in their gestation and it is a reassuring part of this group work. (women regularly attend who live all over the world from Canada and the U.S. in one direction to New Zealand in the other as well as those residing in the U.K.).

The form that the gentle hypnosis takes is that of a mixture of formal hypnosis and Total Yoga Nidra, blending deep, reassuring relaxation, time for oneself and consistent hypnotic elements including an ongoing growth of the experience of self-hypnosis. Visualisations are integral to this process and bonding with the baby is part of the process too. There are guidelines which can be followed to practice by oneself as well as practical advice on being comfortable and safe as the gestation heads towards its terminus.

The cost of these sessions is £109 and women are welcome to attend from their first session as often as they like until they go into labour. They are welcome to come to a session without charge to get a feel for how these sessions run (please see below). Women who are referred by midwives, doctors and obstetricians and who are financially struggling may attend on a subsidised basis. Please contact to arrange this. You are then able to join as often as you like throughout your whole pregnancy for a one off payment of £109.




One to one sessions: These are bespoke hypnotic nidra sessions formulated for you and what is going on with you in the latter stages of your pregnancy. These sessions are aimed primarily at instilling a sense of confidence in you, of knowing types of experience in late pregnancy, labour and birth and of being able to utilise these skills in a competent manner.

Possible options regularly chosen are given below:

Intense but relaxing detailed rehearsal of labour and birth in a variety of ways, depending on what resonates for each individual.

There is also the option of active pain management with a blend of formal hypnosis and nidra, an option some women enjoy to learn. This is specialised and intense, involving practice between sessions.

Partners can do this too. The key factor with partner work is if the partner is able to attend sessions to learn how to undertake hypnotising the pregnant woman and importantly, whether they are able to commit to practicing regularly with her.

The number of sessions required depends on what the needs of the individual of the woman and when they are in their gestation. Sessions are possible as well as being useful right up to when the woman goes into labour.

The cost of each one to one session is £109.
You can book one to one sessions with Nirlipta on this link: